Announcement on zkTube Labs Community Endowment

Recently, some community members have conducted project investments and token offerings within the zkTube community voluntarily, and this kind of behavior caused some confusion for other community members, thus, zkTube Labs official announcement is as follows:

All information about the zkTube Labs projects will be published in the official medias, please pay close attention to the official information of zkTube Labs at any time. Do not believe any rumors from unknown sources on the internet. As of today (2021.04.23), zkTube Labs has never received any form of capital investment, nor initiated any public and private offering of tokens, and the only way to fund us is through public donations from the Ethereum Foundation:

then, click on Open Grants, finding zkTube in the listed page.

or funding via the direct official link:

Enthusiasts who support Ethereum and zkTube are welcome to donate to us, but we do not promise anything in return for our donors. We ask the community members to weigh in at their own risk.

zkTube is a protocol with ZK Rollup solutions of zero knowledge proof building for users and developers, providing underlying protocol support services, which can enable better migration of applications and contracts on Layer 1.

The original intention and vision of zkTube Labs is to use blockchain technology to explore Ethereum Layer 2 expansion solution to solve the market pain points, meet user requirements and create values, providing a better Ethereum expansion strategy to users while more reliable, more secure and with lower cost. In the future, we hope to change the world under blockchain technology with more people who truly recognize the value of zkTube, and build a more prosperous decentralized Ethereum ecosystem together.

zkTube Labs

zkTube is the best Layer 2 environment for payment networks; PayTube is great for your Gateway to cryptocurrency and open finance.