PayTube Wallet— A disruptive innovation !!!

As the forerunner of “blockchain + finance”, the DeFi explosion that began in mid-to-late June last year has gone through a cooling-off period of about three months from September to November in the fall, and it has already taken shape at the end of the year. The annual ring of the years has passed through the extraordinary 2020, and the blockchain world in 2021 will continue to be the leader in epoch-making innovations led by DeFi liquidity mining. Nowadays, the number of DeFi users is only million level, but with the rapid improvement of the definition of various DeFi categories, various fields are spurring the development and evolution. Believe that it will soon catch up with the entire blockchain user volume of hundreds of millions, it can be said to have huge potential. To seize the breaking point and open a new DeFi world, are you ready?

Capital began to look for a new low-lying value belt, and the DeFi project that gradually shifted from the original mainstream digital currency has become the consensus of the capital community. The direction of capital flow is the best direction for wealth creation. We can compare WBTC to look ahead. After introducing Bitcoin into Ethereum, WBTC quickly became the DeFi token with the largest market value. It is foreseeable that DeFi projects such as UNI and AAVE have achieved substantial growth in market value. Then, if traditional assets are entered into the Ethereum network, the assets with a market value exceeding that of Ethereum are very likely to appear in the future.

Of course, the prerequisite for this substantial growth must be the introduction of more traditional assets into Ethereum. This matter is more difficult than introducing Bitcoin into Ethereum, regardless of real-world compliance or technology.

Today’s DeFi has formed a relatively complete financial system: BTC/ETH/mortgage-based assets, oracles, DEX trading platforms, loan protocol, aggregators, and wallets. In this financial system, the wallet is the most important part of decentralized finance. PayTube was created based on a simple principle: the wallet is an indispensable entrance and exit of the entire ecosystem.

zkTube is the best Layer 2 environment for payment networks; PayTube is great for your Gateway to cryptocurrency and open finance.