zkTube Testnet is live soon!

We invite global users to celebrate with our team for the first big milestone on our roadmap — the launch of zkTube v1.0 on Testnet and very excited to announce that we have made significant progress in the research of the cross-rollup solutions.

zkTube Labs will launch the zkTube Testnet(https://rinkeby.zktube.io/wallet)on April 27, 2021, 21:00 UTC. This means one step further from the launch of the zkTube Mainnet. And we will announce shortly regards the rights and benefits of ETP(Early Tester Plan)and the specific details and procedures. For the lucky user, zkTube provides “Angel Rights” rewards as feedback to the experiencers and users who participated in the beta test early.

What we will achieve on the zkTube Testnet?

The zkTube protocol is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution based on ZK Rollup technology. All funds are held by smart contracts on the main chain. zkTube performs off-chain calculations and storage, and the effectiveness of its side chain is proved by zero-knowledge.

In zkTube network, users can perform various transactions and transfer functions of ERC20 tokens in the wallet with TPS 3000+, real-time arrival, and the same Security assurance of Mainnet Ethereum level. This premium and smooth experience cost for each transaction gas fee are 200 times lower than the existing Ethereum Mainnet.

What we discovered on the Cross-Rollup solutions?

Through a few months of exploration by the team, we made significant progress in the research during the cross-rollup program. zkTube uses the intermediate conversion medium to enable the smart contract in one rollup to interact with the smart contract in another rollup, cause the data in the application can be realized in the circulation between cross-rollups, such as cross-rollup dex, cross-rollup NFT application scenarios, etc. For the innovation concept, we will do more experiments and continue to demonstrate the cross-rollup solution.

PayTube Wallet Update

We are plan to launch the first decentralized magic wallet — PayTube soon,which developing based on the zkTube protocol, and it will be synchronized to the Mainnet launch.

What value do we bring to Ethereum ecology?

The ETHGAS expense is reduced and the user transactions on Layer2 become more frequent than that on the previous Layer1, solving the problem of ETH congestion via the basic protocol of zkTube. Furthermore, the application requiring high TPS or related functions is solved on the zkTubeLayer2 this time. The zkTube Mainnet is under the online state. The user and provider of the application constructed based on the zkTube protocol will provide the underlying protocol support service to realize better migration to Layer1 applications and contracts. This is urgently needed by zkTube. This idea is building an ecosystem based on ETHLayer2.

zkTube is the best Layer 2 environment for payment networks; PayTube is great for your Gateway to cryptocurrency and open finance.