zkTube Weekly Report 10.01–10.08

In the first week of October, zkTube continued to make good progress and be the sponsor for Blockchain Life 2021.

Let’s go through our technical and marketing progress this week.


1. Finished sending rewards to Layer 2;

2. Rewards data presentation planning;

3. Mining machine access optimization planning;

4. Completed the Layer 2 balance transfer after the upgrade.


1. Dapp module WalletConnect access;

2. Adding the local token list is under planning;

3. Notification push function is planning;

4. Layer 2 is planning to use ZKT as the transaction fee.


1. zkTube PC technical framework reconstruction has finished;

2. Deploy beta environment and cooperate with testing to solve existing problems;

3. Study the MetaMask wallet transaction records and balances.

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1. zkTube is among the great sponsors for the Blockchain Life 2021

zkTube has sponsored the Blockchain Life 2021 in Moscow, one of the biggest & most important forums on #Blockchain & #Сryptocurrencies in the world.

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2. Download Your Layer 2 Wallet

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3. Roll up! PayTube Wallet Trading Contest is in full swing

Until Oct.19th

Rewards: 1,000 ZKTRs

Check more details:https://twitter.com/zkTubeOfficial/status/1446388878139531264?s=20

4. Check out our new project demonstration on YouTube


About zkTube

zkTube, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution that uses Zero-Knowledge proof to solve the congestion and high gas fee problem, has combined cutting-edge cryptography and ZK-Rollup to improve throughput and TPS. zkTube is focusing on the development process to complete “Cross-Rollup.” zkTube is the first application to adopt PLONK technology into mining functions. It is an environmentally friendly mining mechanism based on decentralized distributed energy management.

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